Diary in EnglishAugust 19th 


Today I went to a shopping mall and bought some stuff like chopsticks, a laundry basket, a hat, a T-shirt etc. I am preparing to move to the UK and go to a music event tomorrow!
I am really excited because this is my first-time attending the event and my favorite band 5SOS is playing. Ive been to their gig once before when they came to Japan. They are really cool and I cant wait to see them! I will try to get their autographs, but they are really popular in Japan, so I am not sure whether or not I can get it.

After shopping, I chatted with my language partner via skype. This was our first time having a conversation. It was really fun! He has really pretty cats. I like cats, but unfortunately, I have an allergy to cat fur. I envy him.
He said that it is important for us to learn by ourselves. If we want to improve and study hard, we must make progress. Improvement is unrelated to whether we study with a good teacher or not. If we want to improve our languages, we have to do it ourselves! I agree with him. I want to chat with him again.


Thank you for your corrections Justin on italki!




 Diary in EnglishAugust 20th 


Today I went to a music event called Summer Sonic Osaka 2017!
It was a really hot day today. I wore sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a hoodie with long sleeve to avoid getting a sunburn.
My purpose of going there was to see 5 seconds of summers performance. I tried to get a numbered ticket to get their autograph, but there were only about 30 tickets so I was not able to get it. I want to see them closely and tell them "I love you guys!" someday. Their performance was pretty cool and I enjoyed it very much!

I watched and listened to a lot of bands that I had never known and I found that they were really good!
I especially, loved Hey Violet, LANY and PHOENIX! I want to look for their videos on YouTube soon!

I felt tired when I got home, but I had a really good and exciting day today!


Thank you for your corrections Jason on italki!











5SOS - She Looks So Perfect live 2014 Aria Awards 26 November 2014